LAB 8 Forequarter Skeleton and Muscles

Purpose: A brief introduction to the structure of the forequarter bones and muscles.

LAB 8.1 Forequarter skeleton

LAB 8.2 Forequarter muscles

Key words 

Cervical vertebrae (atlas & axis)
Thoracic vertebrae
Ribs (sternal & asternal)
Sternum (composed of sternebrae)
Scapula (blade bone with a ridge which is called the spine)
Radius & Ulna
Metacarpals (3 & 4 form ruminant cannon bone)
Digits composed of phalanges
Masseter - cheek meat
Trapezius - superficially located between scapulae
Rhomboideus - below the trapezius
Latissimus dorsi - fan-shaped muscle posterior to forelimb
Pectoralis - over sternum (deep & superficial parts)
Serratus ventralis - holds scapula to ribcage
Triceps brachii - 3-headed, large muscle ventral to scapula
Biceps brachii - hidden anterior to humerus
Supraspinatus - dorsal to scapular spine
Infraspinatus - ventral to scapular spine
Subscapularis - medial to scapula
Extensors & flexors - extend and flex limb