Last Day of ABSc Clothing Sale

Date and Time



ANNU Lobby


Today is the last day for the Animal Biosciences Department Spring Apparel Sale. Stop by the ANNU Lobby and try on some department SWAG!!!

See information below on how to sample, order, and pay for your items:

How do I sample the clothing items?

- Come visit us on a sale day (schedule below) to try on items.

- Check out the ABSc department logo and UofG logo.

- Samples of all sizes and colours for men and women items will be available.

- If you are away from Guelph and would like to see images please feel free to request these by emailing


How do I place an order?

- Come visit us on a sale day and fill an order form with a GSC student representative.


How do I pay?

- Come visit us on any sale day to pay in cash or cheque.

- The LAST day to make your payment is March 8th

*You must pay before your order is placed, no late payments can be tolerated*



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