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Matt Wells' MSc Defence

The effects of individual amino acid infusions, formulated from each cow’s blood amino acid profile, on milk protein production were studied in twelve lactating Holstein cows fed a total mixed ration with 15.4% crude protein. Treatments were jugular infusions of either 0.9% saline (SAL), limiting amino acids according to the NRC (NRCT), or limiting amino acids according to the blood profile (BT) in a Latin square design for three, 10 d periods where milk and blood samples were collected. NRCT and BT reduced milk

Kyle Moak's MSc Defence

The welfare of pigs during transport depends on many factors, but trailer design plays a key role in transport-related stress. Pot-belly trailers are commonly used for swine transportation in Canada but are criticized because of steep internal ramps causing difficulties during loading/unloading, and poor internal microclimate conditions. This results in a greater proportion of dead-on-arrivals and fatigued pigs compared to trailers using flat-deck designs.

CNM Seminar: Application of modelling to solve animal production system problems

MAY Installment of the 2021 ‘Virtual’ Nutrition Seminar Series, hosted by the Centre for Nutrition Modelling (Animal Biosciences Department). Each month in 2021 a different lab within the Nutrition group will share their exciting new research in a dynamic virtual manner. Please feel free to forward these seminar invites to industry partners or others who may be interested. In May we bring you: Application of modelling to solve animal production system problems   Ellis Lab

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