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Sudhanshu Sudan's PhD Defence

Post-weaning diarrhea (PWD) and associated mortality in commercial swine production remain a significant challenge for antibiotic-free meat production. With the ban on antibiotic usage in livestock production, probiotics have gained a lot of attention as a potential alternative. However, strain and host specificity limit their efficacy. In this research, I tested probiotic potential of a novel Bacillus subtilis, BS9 and its impact on growth performance and gut health of weaning piglets.

Jennifer MacNicol's PhD Defence

            Three studies were conducted. In the first study, the influence of a simulated digest of a dietary supplement on the contractile response of gastric smooth muscle to acetylcholine (Ach) was evaluated. Porcine gastric smooth muscle was collected and established in organ baths with either a simulated digest of the supplement (FA), a blank digest with no supplement (BL), or a PBS control (CO). Increasing concentrations of Ach were added and contractile force measured using an isometric force transducer.

CNM Seminar - 360 Degree KTT

Welcome to this month's installment of the 2022 ‘Virtual’ Nutrition Seminar Series hosted by the Centre for Nutrition Modelling of the Animal Biosciences Department. Each month in 2022 we will continue to deliver seminars from a different lab within the Nutrition group, and share their exciting new research in a dynamic virtual manner. 

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