What They Did Back Then

* Master of Science in Aquaculture completed 2006, University of Guelph

Advisor: Professor Richard D. Moccia and Professor Tom Funk

The Influence of current velocity on blue mussel, (Mytilus edulis) settlement in Back Bay and Bliss Harbour, New Brunswick.


The influence of current velocity on the settlement of blue mussel larvae (spat), Mytilus edulis is of particular interest for farmers who intend to collect mussel spat for commercial harvest as a component of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) in the Bay of Fundy region.

Spatial and temporal comparisons of the mean spat density (MSD) and mean shell area (MSA) of mussels were made between five regions of varying current velocities within Back Bay and Bliss Harbour, in the Bay of Fundy. Fifteen polypropylene lines, with six collector panels attached, were deployed for spat collection over a four week period. Three of six panels were deployed for the entire four –week duration. MSD of mussels varied with respect to the collection period, current zone and duration, however, medium and slow current velocity zones exhibit the greatest numbers throughout. Total settlement of the 2 two-week duration panels, suggestive of gregariousness and possible benefits from biofilm development. As interest in the IMTA mussel industry continues to grow, these data will have implications to the site locations selected by future cultivators.