Other Goings On at the AARS
Recording 02 Levels The Alma Aquaculture Research Station (AARS) has participated in the Science Co-operative Education programs with three different Boards of Education, accepting high school students for co-operative work terms ranging from four to seven months each. Students from Sir Sandford Fleming College have completed field placement assignments at the Alma station and others have completed a four month intensive short term certificate training course entitled the 'Culture and Reproduction of Salmonid Fishes'. In partial fulfilment of requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Aquaculture, students are required to take a 'Practicum in Aquaculture: Culture of Salmonids' which is conducted at the AARS.
Workshops and Demonstrations
Numerous industry workshops, sponsored by the Aquaculture Extension Centre of the University of Guelph, have been held at the AARS. The 'Getting Started in Aquaculture' workshop is offered bimonthly and has been attended by hundreds of participants. In addition, several commercial workshops and demonstrations have been attended by people from the private farming and research communities. These sessions have included Arctic Charr Aquaculture in Iceland, Smoked Fish Regulations, Security and Alarm Systems, Nutrition Modeling, Rapro Pin-Bone Remover Demonstration and Charr Culture in Ontario. The AARS is active in the transfer of aquacultural methods and technology to the private and research sectors. Numerous technical demonstrations have been conducted to explain such topics as:

  • greenhouse and sunscreen covering of outdoor facilities
  • solar heating of water and heat recovery technologies
  • Quarantine facility and isolation procedures
  • Wastewater Treatment Centre design
  • Water Treatment Centre and packed column design
  • fibreglass tank design and construction
  • tank standpipe design and construction
  • alarms, monitors and security systems
  • oxygen monitoring systems
  • circular tank drain plate design
  • Arctic charr culture at the AARS
  • water supply and structural design of research aquaculture facility
  • engineering design (structural and water flow) of hatchery
Tours and Meetings
In order to promote both fish farming and aquacultural research, the AARS has held meetings and conducted tours of its facilities for people representing Research and Education (researchers and students from post-secondary institutes), Government (representatives from international governments, federal and provincial ministries), Industry (private fish farmers and representatives from those industries that service aquaculture) and the Public. Since 1989, over three thousand people have visited the AARS.
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