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Vicki Brisson

Position/Title: M.Sc. (Thesis) Student
email: vbrisson@uoguelph.ca
Phone: (613)240-6370

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With a specific interest for animal health and the dairy industry, I completed my B.Sc. (Agr.) at the University of Guelph in 2019 and am currently completing the fifth semester of my M.Sc. with Dr. Jennifer Ellis. As a young and determined scientist, I enjoy working as part of a team to solve complex problems using diverse perspectives and new solutions. 

It is this interest that has brought me to pursue my current research, focusing on mathematical modelling of B-vitamin synthesis and degradation across the rumen, and resulting duodenal flow in dairy cows. Through our research, we aim to improve our understanding of the impact of diet composition on ruminal synthesis and availability of B vitamins to improve production efficiency of dairy cows.

Growing up on a dairy farm, I have come to understand and experience first-hand the crucial impact nutrition can have on a herd, and I therefore aim to return to industry after the completion of my thesis. I firmly believe that my research on B vitamins can be valuable to ensure the sustainability of the dairy industry.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, giving back to community, and spending time outdoors.

My current community involvement includes:

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in agriculture and/or in research, please reach out to me! I'd be happy to chat with you!