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Carissa White

Position/Title: M.Sc by thesis Candidate

I am currently working on completing my masters by thesis in Dr. Niel Karrow’s lab alongside post-doctoral fellow Dr. Ankita Sharma. My research focuses on the use of NMR spectrometry and metabolomics to determine if stress responsiveness to LPS correlates with heat stress in sheep, as well as using NMR spectrometry to identify novel serum metabolites that can serve as reliable stress biomarkers. Global warming is placing considerable pressure on agricultural systems by decreasing overall productivity and threatening animal health. The constant exposure of high temperatures can cause sheep to enter a state of heat stress (HS), which affects metabolic and physiological pathways often resulting in endotoxemia. Further advancements in metabolomics have allowed metabolite profiles in serum to be regarded as important indicators of an animal’s physiological state. Metabolite profiling with NMR has the potential to deliver early detection of LPS induced endotoxemia to agricultural producers.


In my spare time I like spending time playing boardgames and hanging out with my dogs, cat and chickens.