University & Departmental Social Outlets

Organizations & Clubs on Campus

There are many ways to meet new people and get involved at the University, both within the department and beyond. Below lists all of the social/extra-curricular outlets within the main campus; organizations within the City of Guelph that students can join have been excluded. You may wish to refer to the City of Guelph page if you wish to search for city-wide social outlets.


The Campus Organizations page in the University of Guelph website lists all registered organizations and clubs. The University also hosts Club Days in the beginning of every Fall and Winter semesters at the University Centre Courtyard, in which representatives from each club registered with the University have booths.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents all full-time and part-time registered graduate students in negotiations with the university, participation in various university committees, and communication with other campus organizations. All services that the GSA provides to graduate students can be found here. These include (but are not limited to) the universal bus pass, the student-run The 5th Lounge, SafeWalk, the Central Student Association's Bike Centre, peer support for academic-related difficulties, and more.

Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College (SFOAC)

SFOAC represents all students under the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC). Their objectives include:

  • To enhance the educational experience of students within the OAC by promoting spirit, leadership, opportunity and enthusiasm;
  • To develop and maintain an effective line of communication between the student body, the OAC Dean's Office, the OAC Alumni Association, and other University of Guelph affiliations;
  • To give the student body of the OAC self-government in matters pertaining to the student body, with the sanction of the Dean of the college;
  • To promote and initiate programs centered within the OAC on the campus of the University of Guelph, or on a provincial, national or international scale.

The SFOAC Clubs page features a list of (may be outdated) clubs under the OAC that may be worth checking out. You can be better acquainted with many of these clubs and organizations during certain days of the year, such as the College Royal Weekend (usually in March), Club Days (as stated above), and the Graduate Studies Open House. Contacts within the SFOAC can be a great resource - the executives are able to forward you to the right contacts if you are looking for specific clubs.

Ontario Agricultural College Graduate Student Council (OAC GSC)

The OAC GSC is the college arm and affiliate for our department, which brings graduate students within the Ontario Agricultural College together through social events usually held once a month. Be sure to join the OAC Grads Facebook group and follow @OACGrads on Twitter to be on the loop in these events. Any questions regarding the OAC GSC should be forwarded to


Animal Biosciences Organizations

Animal Biosciences Graduate Student Council (ABSc GSC)

Founded in 2014, the ABSc GSC is the council responsible for many of the social events organized for the department's graduate students, also often opened up to all members of the department. The mission of the ABSc GSC is to act as a council to create a social and academic network for graduate students within the Department of Animal Biosciences. The goal of the council is to improve the graduate student experience in Animal Biosciences, and unify the graduate students through the planning and hosting of social events and creating awareness of available resources. Here is a link to its constitution. Visit the ABSc GSC Facebook Page for event photos and reminders.

Animal Biosciences Social Committee

The ABSc SC is a committee involving faculty, staff, and graduate student members who help organize social events for all members of the department. The mission of the ABSc SC is to build social and academic relationships between all department members and improve the sense of community within the department.  It is responsible for organizing the monthly ‘Thirsty Third Thursday’ event (department coffee or appetizers and drinks at the campus pub), and annual events including a department student-faculty soccer game and BBQ, and a department Christmas party.