Tip of The Day - October 3, 2016

Photo by Tom Semadeni

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1987 Performance Tested Beef Bulls

Paola de Rose and Jim Wilton looked at the possibility of adverse effects of selection and pre-test environment on the evaluations of station tested bulls, and to study models for evaluating beef bulls.

Pre-weaning and average daily gain on test were available on 5,082 bulls, representing six breeds, tested in Ontario and Manitoba between 1970 and 1985. Pre-weaning average daily gains were also available on 14,493 male herdmates that did not go into the test stations. Significant selection of bulls on the basis of pre-weaning ADG was found in 34% of all herd-years. In the models, only the within herd-year component of environmental carryover was addressed. The between herd-year component would also affect station performance.

With both selection and carryover effects present, animal models were used to evaluate bulls. A single trait model for gain on test and a two-trait model for pre-weaning gain and test station gain were used. Another two-trait model incorporating maternal grandsire (MGS) information was also included. A correlation of .84 between the best model and the current ROP index was found. Animal models resulted in re-rankings of bulls, and these could influence future rates of genetic change.

Photo by Tom Semadeni

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