Friends and Familys

Our house 1996

Gathering at our house in 1996. In the picture are Janusz Jamrozik and Bozana, Flavio Schenkel, Hector Uribe, Aiguo Wang, Longyang Wu, Moradi Shahrbabak, Laura McKay, and myself.

Open House, 1983

We had an open house party shortly after we moved into our new house in 1983. Dr. Henderson was in Guelph that year, also shown are Ivan Mao (Michigan State), Brian Kennedy, and Jim Wilton. Daniel Gianola refers to this picture as Henderson and his disciples.

Dr. Henderson

Dr. Charles R. Henderson was my advisor for my Master's and PhD programs at Cornell University.

Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy was my colleague during graduate studies at Cornell from 1969-1973, and then later when he joined the faculty in Guelph after a few years in California.

Charles Smith

Charles Smith came to Guelph from Edinburgh in 1985 when CGIL was formed. He was the J.C. Rennie Chair in Animal Genetics.

Jim Wilton

Jim Wilton was the person that hired me to come to Guelph in 1973. I had only planned to be in Guelph for a couple years. So much for my planning.

Ignacy Misztal

Ignacy Misztal visited Guelph one time for a PhD defense, and I took this picture in my office, about the only time I had a digital camera in my office. I met Ignacy in Berlin, then he visited Guelph for a short time afterwards, and later went to the University of Illinois with Daniel Gianola. Now he is at the University of Georgia.