Around The World

Uppsala, Sweden

My first trip outside of North America was to Uppsala, Sweden in 1976 at the invitation of Knut Ronningen. One month was spent teaching the group to compute genetic evaluations with a sire model and genetic relationships. Towards the end I gave a course on the programs and BLUP theory. In the picture are Pim Brascamp, Jan Philippson, Eildert Groeneveld, J. Colleau, Erling Fimland, Odd Vangen, Britte Danell, and others I can not remember all the names.

Asker, Norway

Two week course on linear models in 1985 in Asker, Norway.

Berlin 1985

Two week course on linear models in 1985, in Berlin, Germany. In the picture are Julius van der Werf, Henner Simianer, and Ignacy Misztal. Werner Schlote invited me to give the course.

Prague 1995

Two week course on linear models, in Prague, Czech Republic.

In Guelph 1995

Quantitative Genetics 1995, should have been given by Brian Kennedy.

In Germany 2010

This group included Plant Breeders. Near Munich 2010. Remember the hike to the beer garden?

In Guelph 2012

Olympic BLUP Event, Guelph 2012.