cover'Stereotypic Animal Behaviour - Fundamentals and Applications to Welfare' (eds. Mason & Rushen) was published by CABI (Wallingford, Oxon. UK) in 2006.

Officially a 2nd edition of the volume published in 1993 (eds. Lawrence and Rushen), it is more a complete re-write that brings together all new chapters and over 30 contributors, reflecting many recent advances in understanding. It is aimed at researchers and advanced students in animal behaviour and welfare, animal and veterinary science, comparative psychology, and neuroscience.

The book focuses on the causation and treatment of environment-induced stereotypic behaviours, and considers their implications for animal welfare and normalcy of brain functioning.  The first few chapters take an ethological perspective, focusing on the constraints that captivity places on animals’ normal behavioural repertoires, and the effects that these have on specific motivational systems.  

The second set of chapters address the role of dysfunction, particularly the impact of chronic stress and impoverished environments on forebrain functioning.  A third section looks at how stereotypic behaviours can be tackled, using techniques from environmental enrichment to pharmaceutical intervention.  The volume ends with a synthesis, a potential new definition for ‘stereotypic behaviour’, and suggested future research directions.

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